Frequently Asked Questions About CIR

Frequently Asked Questions About CIR

House Removalists

Do you still have any question regarding our house removals services?

How far in advance do I have to book your house removals?

The earlier you book, the better we can plan things out. However, we do execute instant moves. So whenever you have dates in your head, whether next month, after a few weeks or even a few days, feel free to contact us or fill the query form on our website to get a response.

Getting a quote is as simple as giving cheap Interstate removalists a call. Yes, you can simply call us and discuss the move. We provide the quotes on phone calls if there isn’t a lot to be moved, but if there’s a big move, you can opt for our pre-move survey which you can schedule on the phone call.

We have a comprehensive range of packing supplies. And we also offer customized boxes and crates for your fragile. Our packing supplies are of high standards.

Cheap Interstate Removalists has a top-notch man with Van service available throughout the week. We have small size sprinters to giant 7.5-ton vans and trucks to execute from one item move to 5 times larger moves. Our all men are professional house movers and packers, expert at disassembling and reassembling, and capable of handling large and intricate moves with ease.

Only the oversized ones. Not every time it’s necessary that we dismantle, but at times when the situation demands yes, we do. A complicated situation, say for example, designer architecture, lack of space in the van or truck, customers demands, complicated and oversized furniture like the pool table or piano.

Office Removalists

Do you still have any question regarding our office removals services? Contact us and get your queries answered.

Can I move my office apparatus on weekends’?

Yes. We work throughout the week and most of the office relocations are planned on weekends’. So make sure to give us a notice as soon as possible after you have moving dates. Contact us to discuss the moving details.

No, we do not charge any extra fees after the relocation. If there is a big move, the last quote is finalized after the pre-move inspections. For small scale moves, we provide the quotes on calls as well.

Yes. we can disassemble workstations and office oversized furniture if required. Our furniture movers are experienced and possess adequate tools and machines to disassemble. Discuss with us on call, for any additional requirement and book a free pre-move survey.

We have a complete installation service to end up your office moving smoothly. We understand it takes time to settle down the workstation to actually begin the work and even a 1-day delay could cause you heavy loss. That is we provide you trained movers who could reassemble and settle the apparatus so that you could easily resume as soon as possible.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, cash, direct bank transfers, etc.

Residential storage

Do you still have any question regarding our Residential storage services? Contact us and get your queries answered.

How much does it cost?

It totally depends upon the size that you are acquiring and the type of furniture you are storing. We offer interim, short-term as well as long term storage. You can pay on a weekly, quarterly, and on an annual basis. For more information just give us a call at 0480 033 100.

Except for the hazardous and flammable items, you can store anything. Books, toys, furniture, electronics, antiques, just everything that can be moved. We provide storage for a single item to full house furniture.

You can store it for as short and as long as you want to. We offer weekly to annual storage charges.

Commercial Storage

Do you still have any question regarding our commercial storage services? Contact us and get your queries answered. For further information, please contact.

How safe are my IT equipment in your Storage house?

We pay utmost attention and care to belongings stored in our warehouses. From Modern safety tools to manual security, we do not spare any effort to ensure the protection. We use remote monitoring and tracking systems, emergency alarms, daily detailed transaction databases, large steel containers, lifting machines, throughout communication with our customers, and 34*7 security guards aligned at our storage houses.

Our storage reception works all week. You can contact between the business hours (from 9:00 AM- 6:00 PM). You can contact us through our office number given on the website contact us page or the number that will be provided by us at the inspection.

Insurance (Commercial and residential)

Do you still have any question regarding our insurance services? Contact us and get your queries answered.

Is there different insurance for commercial items?

No. We provide the same insurance policy for both residential storage and commercial storage.

It is as simple as calling us and booking an appointment. Most of the discussion can be held on the phone nowadays. So, for the first step, you can just call us and get the details of our insurance policy and the idea of which one would suit you the best. After coming on a decision, we will provide you the insurance form. Please note: We recommend you first discuss with your insurance company about the external storage as most of them provide insurance for a short period only.

Anything that can be moved and stored, can be insured. We insure single items, full house belongings, full office apparatus, fragile, fine art, etc.

Pool table removalists

Do you still have any question regarding our Pool table removals services? Contact us and get your queries answered.

Why is there a need to disassemble my pool table?

Cheap Interstate Removalists have professional Pool table movers who disassemble and reassemble. To avoid the risk of damage we disassemble the pool table or any other oversized items before moving. However, it is not necessary to do so. It is totally up to you whether you want a dismantle or not. But it always benefits, like you will get some extra space in your truck to keep other items, risk of damage through handling can be kept at minimal, packing could get a lot easier, help minimize the budget, etc.

Yes. Our man with van service safely packs and delivers your belongings interstate.

Just give us a call, answer a few questions, and get the free and fast quote on the phone. If you have any special service requirement the best is, you can book a pre-move inspection.

Piano removalists

Do you still have any question regarding piano removalists services? Contact us and get your queries answered.

How do you pack and move a piano?

We use adequate packing supplies that ensure safe removal, like piano skids, moving blanket, loose wrappings, buckle straps, piano moving trolley, and a ramped moving vehicle. It takes around 3 men to move a piano, but of course, it is not fixed and depends upon the condition and complexity of the move.

You can fill the online quote form on our website, mail us, or contact us directly through a call. We give an instant quote for interstate piano removals. But if there’s an extreme complexity, we will recommend you book a pre-move inspection.

Your piano will be stored in a temperature-controlled and under remote-tracking surveillance, 24*7 eyed through technical mediums and manually.

Fine art transportation

Do you still have any question regarding our fine art transportation services? Contact us and get your queries answered.

Do you use any specialized packaging for antiques?

Cheap Interstate Removalists specializes in fine art moving and packing interstate. We move oil paintings, acrylic canvas, showpieces, sculptures, antique collections, wall hangings, heirloom, precious metals, and whatnot. We use our own custom-built packaging supplies for secure art and antique removals.

At office removals, or partially, yes, we move office artworks. We move antiques for all industry types. We have experienced moving commercial premises, musical stores, art galleries, and antique stores.

Storage for Antique

Do you still have any question regarding our storage services for antique? Contact us and get your queries answered.

Do you store valuable handicrafts?

Yes. We store all types of art pieces, handicrafts, ceramics, antique sculptures, paintings, wall hangings, precious metals, etc. If you have any doubts regarding a unique art piece, we would recommend you discuss with our customer support service and clear as such.

Cheap Interstate Removalists antique transportation keeps the handling at minimum. We use crates storage vehicles to place your moving crates and boxes one place to another.

You can submit your list in our website quote form or can book an appointment with us, for which all you have to do is call us. We charge our storage house according to space you may require and for how long. We charge, weekly, quarterly, and annually depending upon the term of antique storage.

Antique Insurance

Do you still have any question regarding our antique insurance services? Contact us and get your queries answered.

Do you provide insurance for the piano?

Yes. Our removal insurance policy covers, art, and antiques, pianos, delicate ceramics, precious metals, heirlooms, wall hangings, precious handicrafts, musical instruments, etc.

We have numerous scales to finalize it. Like, nature of the antiques, condition, additional service taken, like storage for antiques, their current value, etc. To know more about our fine art insurance policy, you may ask our help desk. Contact us today and get rid of your doubts regarding our removals and storage insurance policies.

Valet Service

Do you still have any question regarding our Valet service? Contact us and get your queries answered.

What do your removals valet service covers?

Our Removals Valet service covers residential and commercial interstate relocations. In which we provide complete apparatus installation service for professionals.

No. It totally depends upon the customer whether he wants to acquire a section of service or not. If you don’t have time, you are a working professional, or just don’t want to unpack and settle your stuff on your own, then you can avail of our full valet service.

Cleaning Service

Do you still have any question cleaning services? Contact us and get your queries answered.

How much does your pre-move cleaning service cost?

Cleaning service is never fixed, it's always customized and so does its costing. Cost of cleaning is determined by different factors, like, how much rooms or area is to be cleaned, intensity, time limit decided by our discussion, pre-condition of the area, men to be allotted, etc. You can ask our customer help desk and get the closest estimates.

Yes. We provide pre and post-move Cleaning service for householders, offices, large headquarters, storage, and warehousing units, etc.

Pre-Move Survey

Do you still have any question regarding our pre-move survey? Contact us and get your queries answered.

How can I book a pre-move survey?

You can mail us, fill the website quote form entering your requirements, or contact us to book an appointment. Our team will reach you at the planned time and place.

A pre-move survey is very important for big relocations. It helps to clear a lot of doubts a few are like specialized services needed, special handling required, measurements of complex architectures, choice of perfect van-size, finalizing the quote, etc. It is helpful for both customers and the interstate moving company.

No. We follow a transparent quotation policy which means that we will not charge any extra fee after the relocation. Every costing and calculation would be crystal clear and held before starting the move.

Backloading Service

Do you still have any question regarding our backloading services? Contact us and get your queries answered.

Do I have to be present at uplift and delivery?

Yes. The person who has booked the move has to be present at the uplift but at the time of delivery, you can contact the cheap interstate removalists about the other person who is going to pick up the stuff on your order at the delivery. Just make sure to coordinate with us to avoid confusion.

You can get your move paralleled while discussing the dates, place, and time, easily with our customer care service. You will get an instant quote for backloading a few boxes, for which you can message us and submit your list through our online quote or mail us sending you a booking list. You can expect a response between 30 min to 48 hours. Note that our backloading services do not have a fixed or planned date, as normal ones, so as soon as you have decided to book with us please do discuss your move to coordinate.

Interstate Removalists

Do you still have any question regarding our interstate removalists? Contact us and get your queries answered.

How early should I need to book my interstate move?

The early you inform, the larger your chances of moving on the arrayed day are. In the case of interstate removals, it’s advisable to book at least two weeks before. And, if you are moving to a different state, book as early as possible to avoid missing out on selected timings, dates, or other less costly options like backloading services.

Yes. All your goods and furniture will be thoroughly packed and loaded in the trucks by our trained and experienced interstate removalists. We can also give a complete pre-packing and unpacking service if lacked. Our moving team will is very well familiar with packing and transporting cumbersome or overweight items such as a pool table, piano, couch, etc.

Yes we offer backloading services for Interstate Moves. It is a general word used to describe a low-priced moving option for long-distance moves, which are comparatively costly. Generally, this option is only applicable to interstate removals. This allows you to take benefit of the area and pay only for that. With backloading, you are sharing space with another person.

Yes. Our insurance shields you and your property against accidental circumstances such as accidents or damages, giving you peace of mind. We have economic packages for all our customers, just ask when you contact us for the booking.

For booking any type of move, the simplest and fastest method is to call us. You can contact us right when you have a date in mind. This will help us to organise your move better and at more cost effective way.

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