Pre-Move Survey Australia

Pre-Move Survey Australia

Pre-Move Survey Australia

Before taking up any house removalists melbourne, we do a pre-move survey to identify the areas where to put some extra effort while moving which else could've created a turmoil. Correct observation before moving and fulfilling the demands of our customers are the key aspects of our moving surveys.

A Pre-Move Survey helps in clarifying a lot of details like-

  • Where to move to?
  • If your house has an elevator or not
  • How many steps are there?
  • Staircase designs and architecture
  • Measurements of doorways and furniture condition check.
  • What size van or truck would be apt?
  • What extra services do you need?
  • Special handling
  • Custom packagings for fragile
Best Pre-Move Survey Across Australia

Benefits Of Relocation Survey For Our Customers

While House Removals, generally the customers ask for special packaging for their fragile, special handling of certain furniture, and other services that they want to opt, like moving in and moving out cleaning services, or furniture storage services. But the most important besides them all is that they get a clarification of removal cost and if there are any hidden charges present or not.

To clarify, Cheap Interstate Removalists finalize the quotes after the moving surveys and do not charge any extra or hidden fee after the relocation. We provide you with an obligation free relocation survey across Australia.

Cheap Interstate Removalists Moving House Checklist And Tips

If you are moving interstate there remains a lot of things that need to be done while preparing yourself for the move. Cheap Interstate Removalists provide a simple pre-move checklist that would help you get an idea of how to be prepared for your interstate house removals.

1 Week to go-

  • Notifying all the important authorities, like banks, school, Internet subscriptions, electricity department, Medicals, Tax department, etc.
  • Paying off your dues.
  • Donating the stuff that you don't need anymore
  • Start arranging things at their original places so to easily pack and move
  • Call us if you want any alteration or update in moving plan
  • Empty your fridge and utilize everything that you can
  • Cancel all your online deliveries or verify with your moving date and new address.
Pre-Move Survey Checklist For Interstate Removals In Australia

1 day to go-

  • Check with your inventory list and make sure nothing is left or remaining
  • Defrost your refrigerator, empty fuel from chainsaw, or oils from any appliances if remaining.
  • Make a ready to use stuff bag
  • Secure your important documents
  • Verify every relocation detail with us after the relocation survey

If you are planning to move next week or after a couple of weeks, do message us on our website portal, fill in the details, and send us. Our customer support team would follow up with 30 min- 48 hours. Contact us right now for instant booking. Cheap Interstate removalists also provide a backloading removals services for your instant furniture removals.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pre Move Survey Australia

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How can I book a moving survey?

You can mail us, fill the website quote form entering your requirements, or contact us to book an appointment. Our team will reach you at the planned time and place.

A pre-move survey is very important for big relocations. It helps to clear a lot of doubts a few are like specialized services needed, special handling required, measurements of complex architectures, choice of perfect van-size, finalizing the quote, etc. It is helpful for both customers and the interstate moving company.

No. We follow a transparent quotation policy which means that we will not charge any extra fee after the relocation. Every costing and calculation would be crystal clear and held before starting the move.

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