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Moving into a new home is already a very stressful process and then on top of it, moving with a pet is like relocating a home inside a home. Adjusting to a new house is as difficult for animals as it is for humans. If you are also a pet owner, then you know exactly how difficult it is to move or settle with pets, especially cats, in a new place. 

To feel comfortable, humans usually clean their houses, decorate their houses, put their stuff in the right places of the house, etc. The cat’s needs are alike, but usually, cats take some more time to adjust to a new environment, and it also depends on their temperament. Some cats feel at home right away, and some do not. So, making a comfortable space for cats is part of the job as an owner, which can be a headache for you.

But do not worry, as, in this blog, we have mentioned some ways that will help you make your cat comfortable in your new house. So keep reading for your little paws!

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Tips To Make Your Cat Comfortable In A New Space

1. Use A Cat Carrier

Move your cat to a cat carrier. It will help them to be in a familiar space before they are ready to go out and explore the new home.

2. Make A Safe Space

Creating a safe place is essential for cats. According to animal behavior experts, cats in the jungle prefer to sleep and hang out in places with good vantage points. High positions for resting or sleeping give them an aerial advantage for spotting any danger around them.

You may have some furniture in the house to work with. Some shelves, bookcases, a sofa or a chair, will be good for this purpose. If not furniture, then to increase the height, you can buy cat trees online. These are designed climbing structures, especially for felines.

Most cats prefer a big enough place to only fit themselves, and this should be a little above the ground. The cat should be able to enter and exit at least from two sides so when they feel threatened, they can come and go easily.

3. Get Important Resources

Bring all the essential resources that your cat may need before or after house removals, including food, water, a wool ball, a litter box, and resting carrier, etc. These resources should be prepared to avoid problems for the cat while moving home. For example, a litter box, also known as a sandbox or a cat box, is used for the collection of excreta and urine from cats. Similarly, knowing what food cats eat and where to bathe them these small things make your cat feel at home. 

In the case of creating the environment for feeding, you can consider the type of dish or plate we are using or where to place it. A dish that causes his or her whisker to bend can be irritating, so you’ll have to use a dish with short sides. As for placement, putting the dish out in the open can put your cat at ease. This gives her more space to escape as it is in their instincts. 

4. Make Your Cat Do The Territory Expansion

Cats show their predatory behavior, which allows them to fulfill their natural need to hunt. Once setting up the room for the cat, you can let them roam freely. The outdoor cats need to be in touch with nature. Play is also important for pets. Any toy can mimic ‘prey,’ which allows them to be close to their natural side, and it will make them feel more comfortable in a new place.

5. Let The Smelly Cat Free

Cats use their sense of smell to evaluate their surroundings. Cat’s sense of smell is 14 times better than that of humans. Cats rub their face and body to mark their scent to establish the boundary in which they feel comfortable and secure. So, let your cat do this and let them choose one comfortable spot in your new home.

6. Bring Scratch Posts For Your Cat

 Usually, cats scratch all around the house on the furniture, clothes, and curtains. Cats in nature scratch on standing trees or fallen trees in order to keep their claws fit for climbing, hunting, or self-defense. A scratch post is good for replacing your drapery, furniture, and carpeting from destruction.

7. Hideouts

It’s quite common for cats to hide in the house. You can already see them hiding under the bed or behind the sofa. Creating space for your cat to hide can put them at ease. There are many interesting options available for this desire of your cat to be unseen. For this, you can bring a small house for your cat. Some other low-cost options can be making space behind the books on the shelf or draping a blanket or towel over a table to make a fort like when you were a kid. 

8. Human Cat Social Interaction       

Individual cat preferences determine how much they like human interactions. Petting, grooming, being played with, being picked up, sitting on a person’s lap. For a more friendly cat, this can be very calming and comfortable.

9. Check On The Cat

Check on the cat for the first few days in your new home. Pay close attention, and if you notice some signs of stress, consider changing things. For example, if expanding territory doesn’t work, go back and limit it and vice versa. Nothing wrong with taking a few steps back. If the cat is expressing discomfort, change its food and water.

Apart from this, here are some signs of stress to look out for:

  • Excessive scratching

  • Excessive screaming

  • Hiding and withdrawal from interactions

  • Panting 

  • Diarrhea

  • Aggression

A Few Bonus Tips

  • Making your home comfortable for your cat is very important. Make sure they are happy in the new home, and give them plenty of attention, especially right after moving. 
  • Make sure to keep them in the same meal routine, which will bring a sense of familiarity in an unfamiliar situation. 
  • It’s better to take it slow rather than rushing them into a new situation where they don’t feel safe. 
  • Place new toys to pique their interest in exploring new territory. 
  • Finding new scratchers or cat trees to get them comfortable is also a good idea.


In the end, just follow these tips and make happy moving with your cat. If you need help moving into a new home, you can check out our house removal services. Cheap Interstate Removalists have been working for a decade, and our experience has benefited thousands of householders and professionals, making us the most commonly picked removalists in Australia.

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