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It is no secret that the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has actually stopped the normal regimens of the people in Australia and the rest of the globe. The federal government is making every possible effort to ensure social distancing and avoid large gatherings.

Almost everyone is taking various precautions on their part to ensure their safety. Relocation of homes, offices and commercial places has become a major issue during this pandemic.

For a few months now the Australian Government has allowed relocation activities and launched some guidelines for this, but the process of relocation is still risky and not so easy if not done properly.

Shifting was already a difficult task and now in covid, it has become even more difficult. Relocating during Covid-19 is tough and moving houses during such difficult times can be extra stressful.

The entire procedure of relocation needs a variety of people. However, in the existing situation, social distancing can make your job even more difficult.

If possible, you should definitely abort the move. But if it is inescapable, take the required preventative measures and go for it. Try to choose the best moving company for the safe and secure removal of your goods without compromising your health and hygiene.

Today we are going to give you a few tips on relocating during Covid-19 with trusted and certified movers like Cheap Interstate Removalists in Australia.

If you follow these tips with proper care and consideration, then you can move short or long-distance safely. So, let’s get started!

Things To Consider Before Hiring A Removal Company

The best and smartest decision to move during this covid-19 pandemic is to hire a safe and trustworthy removal and storage company in Australia.

But before hiring any removalists you need to ask a few necessary questions for a safe and hygienic relocation without getting infected or ill. So, here are the questions:

Is The Company Still Doing Removal And Storage Jobs?

Coronavirus actually poses a severe risk in Australia and to tackle the situation; several services including various transportation and logistics services have been shut down.

However not all-important services are shut, and furniture removalist services are one of them. So, presently you can speak to cheap interstate removalists about your move. You can also enquire about their availability and prices.

Nonetheless, various interstate moving companies have been forced to shut down due to various reasons. So you might have to deal with the issue of their unavailability.

If you want to employ cheap interstate movers, contact them as early as possible, and book a moving day. If you have employed cheap interstate removalists in Australia, you need to understand how they execute your whole moving procedure securely during the coronavirus.

Communicate clearly about your move and what type of moving services you are looking for from the removal company.

Why Moving With A Removalist During This Time Is Safer?

All reputed removalist companies in Australia are aware of the Coronavirus Pandemic and are taking every effective measure to prevent the spread of the virus and protect people from getting infected.

These are the following important steps added into the relocation process to make things easy and safe:

1. Pre-Move Health Checks

All interstate moving companies are taking preventative measures to take care of the safety and security of their clients and also the movers. The movers may call you ahead of the move to examine if you are healthy.

They also ensure that their experts are not infected or at risk of infection. They provide you with healthy and vaccinated removalists for the smooth relocation of your house or business.

2. Follow Social Distancing

Top removalists of Australia also ensure social distancing while they remain in your residential property. They keep a 6-foot distance from the customers and also avoid any handshakes or touches.

These measures are extremely important to stay secure throughout the moving process. They will make the relocation during the Covid-19 process easy and safe.

3. Practising Great Hygiene

Professional removalists in Australia maintain good hygiene in their customer’s residential and commercial property. They use protective gear and mask all the time during the relocation process and sanitize everything before and after using. If they are not using gloves, then they have to clean their hands from time to time or sanitize their hands.

4. Online Virtual Surveys

One of the most important things that all the reputed removals businesses are following is using virtual video surveys rather than conventional on-site moving surveys.

By doing this, the removalist is not required to come to your home in Australia, and you can still get an accurate estimate.

5. Uses Fresh Packing Supplies every time

One of the most vital points the top best removalists do during this pandemic is to go for new boxes. Experts strongly believe that no one should utilize recycled or cost-free moving boxes or packing material as it can increase or fasten the spread of the virus.

If you are packing your goods on your own and bought recycled packing material then sanitize them first properly and leave them for at least 24 hours before starting packing.

6. Provide Hygienic Products To Movers

Professional removalists companies such as Cheap Interstate Removalists provide all the safe and eco-friendly hygiene products like sanitizer, gloves, masks, face shields to their moving team. They sanitize the tools and equipment and the moving truck properly after every use.

7. Wipe Everything After Relocation

As a safety measure, the removalists wipe down your valuables as well as boxes after the complete relocation. For this, they use disinfectant wipes. This will certainly reduce the possibility of the spread of the bacteria at your new location.

Inform The Removalists If You Have Symptoms Of COVID-19 

If any one of your family members is showing symptoms of COVID-19. Then you need to speak to the movers prior to the moving day and notify them. You ought to have an open discussion regarding the situation as well and see if you can cancel or delay the move

We highly recommend you terminate or cancel your move if you can. People who are above 60 years or have pre-existing cardio and breathing concerns and relocating during Covid-19 are at severe risk of this infection. So, do not plan your move if it is avoidable and delay it for as long as the situation does not get better.

If you don’t intend to relocate and want to cancel your relocation because of coronavirus, inform your interstate moving companies at the earliest. This will allow the business to be readily available to other people and save unnecessary costs.

If you can’t cancel the move or you are in between the moving process, then make certain they have a storage facility. To prevent any kind of trouble as well as safeguard your items, make sure that your removal company is supplying a good storage space facility to you.

If you are travelling to another state, there is a mild possibility that you may encounter a lockdown situation in the middle of your trip because of coronavirus. In such a situation, a storage facility can be helpful.

The End Line

To conclude, relocation is not an easy task even during the best of times. So, when you are battling with a global pandemic like the coronavirus, you can expect that you will face even more challenges.

For some, it would certainly be best to delay the move but if you have no other option take note of the points stated above for a risk-free move.

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