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Are you moving from one state to another? Well, it’s a big deal to relocate from one state or country to another, and very different from intrastate relocation. Relocating to a new country or state means your move will cross state lines. Again, it is different from intrastate movers. Intrastate movers relocate you from one area to another within the same state and country.

Organizing the interstate move all by yourself will be too risky, you will have to cover long distances, it might cost you too much, and there will be no guaranteed safety of your items; therefore, going with the moving company becomes a need! 

Before choosing the Interstate moving company, you must know how it works. What are its key points? You need to find all the answers to your question, especially if you need to gain experience. It’s essential to be well-informed before hiring any moving company. 

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What Are The Things You Must Know About Interstate Movers? 

Before dealing with interstate mover companies and their professionals, you must be aware of certain things to make you a vigilant customer, deal with them properly, and not fall into any trap. 

Here are 10 things you must know about interstate movers – 

1. Don’t Get Confused Between Interstate and Intrastate 

When a company is an Interstate mover, it provides services to relocate customers from one state to another state or one country to another, whereas intrastate mover companies will help you relocate from one area to another within the same country or same state. Therefore both are not the same; hence you need to be aware of the primary difference. Though many moving companies provide both interstate and intrastate moving services. 

2. Reputation Of Your Interstate Moving Company 

It’s very essential to check multiple interstate moving companies and their quotes. In this way, you can compare different companies. Always go for the companies which are reputable, licensed, and experienced. Of course, there are many companies, so you might need clarification but comparing different companies is always beneficial. This way, you come across additional information which provides an edge to moving companies. Like- offers, discounts, other services, etc. 

3. Interstate Moving Companies Charging Grounds

Unlike intrastate mover companies, interstate mover companies do not charge by the hours; they don’t consider hours for the final quotes; instead, they charge on the other cost-creating factors after their in-home visits.

4. Examine the Interstate Moving Company 

Only agree to hire professionals if you ask for cost estimates in writing that will undoubtedly show the final cost of your cross-country or cross-state move. Also, do ask for in-home visits; this way, you can ensure that a moving company is professional and trustworthy or not. Examining an interstate moving company always works in your favor. 

5. Affordable Interstate Moving Company 

Knowing that the best interstate mover companies are available with affordable quotes and high-profile services is essential. However, due to a lack of experience and knowledge, customers need to be mindful of average quotes and agree on high prices, thinking the best companies will have high prices, but that needs to be corrected. Best companies are available at affordable quotes too. Therefore hunt for the best company within your budget. Finding such an affordable price with the best service-providing company is possible. 

6. Be Flexible With Dates While Hiring Best Moving Companies 

It’s crucial to be flexible with the dates you want to move. When you give few options to companies regarding dates, there are chances of missing the best companies, but when you can adjust the dates, you will have many options, and there are high chances of getting the best interstate moving companies. 

7. Licensed Interstate Moving Company 

When you move interstate, you need to be extra careful with the choice you make when hiring an interstate mover company; it’s essential to always go with the companies which are licensed because when a company has the government’s license, it’s evident that this company would have passed strict checking’s and requirements, therefore, licensed companies are trustworthy and always go with the licensed moving company.

8. Moving Companies provide in- Home Surveys 

A customer needs to know that top companies conduct in-home surveys, so the company’s staff will address your luggage offline and provide you with a final written quote. So if the company isn’t providing this service, cancel your move with them. In addition, in-home surveys built mutual understanding and trust between the company and the customer. 

9. Mover Companies Don’t Move Hazardous Materials  

The companies will move nothing illegal or corrupt simply because it is out of the law. Also, flammable, corrosive, and explosive substances are dangerous to carry for luggage and individuals. It’s risky for your luggage and everyone who is part of this process. Because of this, you should never count any hazardous materials. 

10. Interstate Moving Companies must provide varieties of services 

Top interstate moving companies are capable of providing varieties of services that will make your move easy, along with giving discounts and offers 

they should be capable of delivering services like – 

  • Packing items
  • Unpacking items 
  • A temporary safe storage facility 
  • Protecting fragile and precious items


When moving from one state to another, hiring an Interstate Moving Company becomes essential, and it’s important to check specific criteria beforehand. These criteria include 

You should compare multiple moving quotes, check companies in home surveys, and their range of service. You should check these key points when hunting for the move companies.

Do you need the best interstate mover company? 

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