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If you have moved before or helped someone move, then you know that packing and unpacking both are equally tiring processes. But the only difference between them could be that for packing, you will have a deadline you know before a specific date you have to pack your stuff, and in the case of unpacking, the unclear deadline or the freedom to unpack whenever often leads to procrastination. 

Unpacking is hard also because our mind is so focused on leaving the old house, and in all that chaos, we forget that there will be loads of work to do once we move into a new house, mostly your mind is not ready for it, or you did not plan how to go about it, so you leave the stuff hanging in those boxes around the new house. So resulting, you are left with no motivation to unpack.

So you really need the unpack motivation to feel settled in the new house. Here are a few things you can do to get motivation for unpacking your items and making your items settled in the new place.

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1. Set A Date

No, not with your partner, which you can do later but set a date for unpacking, too, like you did when you were packing for the relocation. Give yourself a deadline, which will create a sense of urgency in your mind to unpack and settle things in the new place. 

Another way of giving a deadline is to invite people over for a housewarming party or set a get-together with neighbors. This way, you will have to get the house ready for the guests in a limited period of time. This is a great self-hack. You can also try this in your other tasks where you feel you procrastinate.

2. Start With Unpacking Small Items

Once you move to a new house, you feel exhausted and relaxed, and just that time. The simple task of unpacking loads of stuff seems enormous; hence to avoid feeling demotivated, you should start unpacking small and easy things to get in the flow. Unpack things that do not require much effort. It will make a huge, impossible task doable in your mind. Once your mindset changes from thinking to doing, you will be able to unpack bigger things.

3. Ditch Planning

Planning stuff is a way for most people to get things done, but some people get into planning way too much, and they don’t act upon it or get late to do stuff, and if you are one of those people, ditching the whole thing isn’t a bad idea. Just start unpacking anything before you get distracted. Even if you unpack half a box, it’s better to do nothing all day, thinking you’ll start another day.

4. Play Music While Unpacking

A lot of people, when they do house chores, play music. It’s simple because listening to your favorite music will be entertaining and won’t take your attention away from the thing you should be doing. Same way, unpacking is also boring, but playing music while doing it will make the task enjoyable. In addition, playing music is also proven to make you more productive, so you will do the task in less time.

5. Reward Yourself

Giving rewards to yourself during the process is really a good way to boost up the unpacking process. Rewarding is a must to indulge in a task that you don’t want to do. It really encourages you to get things done and beats procrastination.

For example, you can set up a reward system for every unpacked box; you can eat a bar of chocolate. This reward system works like a little hack, tricks your brain into getting things done, and gives you a satisfying feeling.

6. Ask For Help

If you find the task hard to do all by yourself, asking for help is not a bad option. Ask your friend or neighbor if they can help you set up some trivial stuff around the house. If you are alone, then just the company of someone can be helpful. Even if your friend won’t work but just being there and chatting with you will benefit you in unpacking and organizing stuff.

7. Don’t Be Perfect

While unpacking, do not aim for perfection and start organizing things around the house. The goal here is to get things out of the box and put them in place, not to think if things look better here or in another room. Organizing stuff is a task in itself for which you will have much time later.

If you focus on arranging things, this will slow down the unpacking process, so get things out of the box and put them in the first place you can think of. So, don’t aim for perfection and rearrange things later.

8. Procrastination Triggers

Every procrastination comes with its triggers. What exactly is it about the task that just puts you off that you just want to neglect it right away? Why is unpacking troubling for you? Is it boring? Overwhelming? Defining what exactly is the reason for your procrastination can help you to come to a solution. 

For example, if you think it’s boring, try to make the process fun, make a playlist to listen to while unpacking, or listen to a podcast. On the other hand, if it is tiring, then have an energy drink before emptying the boxes. Hence, define triggers, find a solution and accomplish the task.

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To Conclude

Everyone procrastinates in some things, and unpacking is one such task where there is no joy in doing it, but you have to. Thinking about the end goal is a great motivator, and also, how great you will feel after getting things done and relaxing on the couch is really helpful to start the process rather than neglecting it. So follow the above tricks, fight procrastination, and get done with it. You will be happy that you finished it. 

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