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Don’t we all want to start new things with happiness and positive energy? Moving to a new home is a significant change and a hectic one too. So whether you believe it or not, extra luck is always welcome.

Most cultures have traditions and rituals for when you move into a new house to bring good luck and keep the evil eye away. Chinese have feng shui, which is arranging things in a new house for harmony and peace, and in Indian culture, we found Vastu, which also has to do with arranging things in the house for good luck like the laughing buddha is widely famous is one such example.

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So, here is the list of things that can bring good luck to your new home.

1. The Laughing Buddha 

It’s the most famous feng shui good luck charm. It is a symbol of happiness and is said to bring wealth and fortune into your life. Ideally, it should be facing east for prosperity, and for non-believers, at the very least, this looks cute and a good decoration item.

2. Feng Shui Turtle

This tortoise, according to Chinese culture, represents long life and wealth. It brings prosperity to your house. The tortoise should be placed on a low surface in the house, just not on the floor. Feng shui turtles should be facing north for good luck charms.

3. Horseshoe

This has its origin in both ancient Greece and in Christianity. The horseshoe is famous among many cultures, and it is associated with the security and protection of the house. A horseshoe is placed right above the front door in the shape of a ‘u’ to ward off evil and prevent misfortune.

4. Money Frog

Another good feng shui item to add to your list would be the money frog. As the name suggests symbolizes wealth and success. You can place it near the entrance door in an elevated space. It also invites cleanliness and wisdom in the house.

5. Arowana Fish Statue

Arowana is the most prized fish for feng shui wealth purposes. It is also called dragonfish. The Arowana fish statue is considered to be auspicious in the science of architecture. It is a symbol of health, wealth, peace, and harmony. It is believed to fend off negative energies. The Arowana fish statue with a coin in its mouth should be placed in the northeast or east direction.

6. Architectural Paintings

According to the science of architecture, some paintings bring good luck in a new house. The most famous are seven running horses. Paintings of Waterfall, goldfish, and rivers attract money. You can place it in the living area, dining room, or bedroom.

7. Crystal Lotus 

It is made up of glass crystal that works as a prism. This is a good fortune flower that turns bad luck into good luck and attracts positive energy in the house. The lotus also signifies beauty and calmness. It can be placed near the window or in a hall. The blue lotus crystal is the best form of feng shui symbol of good luck.

8. Lucky Bamboo 

It is one of the best feng shui items for good fortune. According to the science of architecture as well as feng shui, these bamboo plants are considered to be very lucky and auspicious. It enhances the flow of positive energies when placed correctly in the office or at home. The good direction for these plants is the east or south corner of the house. The ideal side of bamboo plants is on the east side. It also looks aesthetically pleasing at home.

9. The Dream Catcher 

It is made up of peacock feathers. In Asian cultures, these are known to attract good luck. This feng shui item looks beautiful hanging on the wall or in the bedroom. This is also believed to give happy dreams and catch the bad ones hence the name dream catcher. They also keep off the negative energy from your house.

10. Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are known as good luck charms in many parts of Australia. Decorative wind chimes add to the design of your house. This creates a positive aura and dismisses negative and gloomy energies. So basically, it does two things: add color to the house and create an optimistic, positive vibe.

11. Feng Shui Fountain 

As per feng shui, a running water fountain brings beneficial energies into homes or your space. The fountain represents love, happiness, and a running flow of money. It must be placed in the corner of the house to help your work and career, and you should place it in the north direction. Placing the fountain in the eastern sector of the space will nourish and strengthen family relations.

12. Fishes And Aquarium

As per the science of architecture, an aquarium in the house brings positive energies, happiness, and prosperity. The water in the fish aquarium denotes life. Flowing water will represent positivity and will make your life peaceful and vibrant. Now where to place it? An aquarium or fish tank should be kept in the north or east direction of your house. In the office, this should be kept in the reception area. Another benefit of an aquarium is that it reduces anxiety and stress, as looking at this is therapeutic.

13. The Mandarin Duck

Mandarin ducks are birds famous for being extremely faithful to their partner, and they are symbols of love, devotion, affection, and fidelity. This makes them the perfect gifts you can give to your partner or can bring to your new home. Of course, these must be presented as a pair. This can be placed in the bedroom on the side table. In the bedroom, the ideal direction is southwest.

14. Evil Eye

Most people around the world believe in the evil eye. They believe that someone can eye your possession and radiate negative energy around you. It is based on how people feel envious or jealous of someone. The evil eye helps in keeping the evil, negative energies away from the house. The place for this in your house can be at the front door or in a room where most visitors go. The most common of evil eyes is the blue eye.

15. Incense Sticks

Many people burn incense to fulfill a feeling of relaxation, but some consider it can rid the home of negative energy. In much the same way, burning sage leaves is supposed to dispel impure spirits from a house and ultimately cleanse all types of negativity. 

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So check these cool items out, see for yourself which one of these will provide good luck in your new house, and start things with a positive vibe that will bring peace and harmony to your new house.

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