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Managing time while packing is important! For your move, all kinds of items will be packed before the moving date comes, especially in the case of interstate or long-distance moves. You got to invest a huge amount of time in your bulky packing process; therefore, starting it way prior will create less chaos. In case you start it late it will be full of rush and chances of missing out on important items are highly probable.

To avoid such circumstances, it’s essential to start packing beforehand. Plan out what stuff you have to carry. When do you need to start packing? You have to pack it in such a way that you have access to things you might need in the days before your move. Not everything is meant to be packed several days before, like the kitchen and washroom essentials. 

So, to ease out the process of packing for relocation, we have given a full detailed packing calendar in this blog that anyone moving partial or full removals can use and manage their time while packing for relocation.

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Personalized Packing Timeline 

What are the items you need to carry? How many days prior did you get to start packing? These few questions could be answered by preparing and following the packing timeline.

Having a packing timeline for moving and a personalized packing calendar is a need. It provides an organized and systematic way to your complex process and encourages you to complete the packing task before moving day within a specific period without any stress and rush. In addition, it will keep you on track throughout the relocation process, making you ready for the move!

Here is what you need to know when making your personalized packing calendar/checklist for moving:

1. 6 To 8 Weeks Before Moving Day: Gather Packing Essentials 

Get a new moving box or a used box in good shape. It’s the place where items will be stored. Therefore, you need to arrange it at least 6-8 weeks before moving. You can determine the size and number of moving boxes according to the number of your belongings or as per your requirements. 

Packing tape, dispensers, and bubble wrap are also essentials in packing that must be gathered beforehand. Packing paper is used in some cases, linens, towels, and old clothes are used, and permanent markers are used for labeling the boxes. So, getting all the required things for packing will make the process more organized and chaos free. 

Following are the things that you should consider gathering 6-8 weeks before moving:

  • Moving Boxes
  • Packing tapes
  • Packing tape dispenser
  • Bubble wrap sheets
  • Packing papers 
  • Plastic sheets
  • Moving straps 
  • Moving blankets 
  • Permanent markers

2. 5 To 7 Weeks Before Moving Day: Prepare Packing Plan

It simply aims at deciding where to start first. Start with packing rarely or infrequently used belongings. Prepare the room-by-room packing checklist to take enough time to pack fragile items to pack kitchen items. You will need more time to leave a messy room for last-minute addition or subtraction of goods to use last week before moving for packing ultimate essentials. Avoid packing all in a single day or making unachievable targets; it will get very hectic, therefore breakdown your work and achieve daily targets. 

3. 4 Weeks Before Moving Day: Plan What To And What Not To Carry 

Sort out the items that have to be carried and declutter your storage, not everything you will carry for your move. Four weeks prior, you got to plan with the belongings and exclude either not-so-essential or waste items. 

You can sell some items that are in good condition for some money or can donate them to get a satisfying feeling of helping someone needy. If the donation isn’t possible, then just give away certain usable things, like leftover gasoline, engine oil, etc., to your interested neighbor and friends. Moreover, to get rid of waste items, find the correct place to dispose of them safely by contacting the local community. 

4. 3 Weeks Before Your Move: Pack Infrequently Used Belongings 

Pack off-season clothes, shoes, and other accessories like decorative items, specialized tools, crockeries, and other equipment you won’t need before the moving day. Pack spare linens, towels, toiletries, and other extra essentials beforehand, and label all the boxes using a permanent marker. Packing infrequently used belongings will not cause any disturbance. Instead, it will make your process more sorted and easy. 

5. 2 Weeks Before Your Move: Pack The Rest Of The Essentials 

Pack the rest left over the essentials like start with kitchenware, all the kitchen appliances, and other goods of the kitchen, obviously except the ones you will be using in the left days. Pack fragile and sensitive items that need to be handled delicately. You will have to invest a good amount of time due to their tendency to break with little ignorance. Therefore, pay extra attention to the boxes containing fragile items, then continue with packing items like jewelry, accessories, clothes, and dresses which you won’t be wearing before your move.

6. 1 Week Before Your Move: Check Your Packed Items 

Try to catch up with the items you might have forgotten to pack. Label all the moving boxes accurately, and for the boxes which are essential and basic, you can mark them as “open it first” do check if all boxes are taped and items are wrapped correctly. It will get your journey and experience more organized since there is one week left before the move. You have to recheck if all the belongings except the immediate one, which you will require in the remaining days, are packed properly. In case any changes are required, you can make sure you still have time. 

7. 5 Days Before Your Move: Keep The Wiggle Room Open 

Five days left before your move, and your 90% packaging has to be completed now, but keeping the wiggle room open is essential and required. You can’t pack all the clothes, kitchen, and bathroom items. You got to use basic ones. Therefore keep the room open for last-minute additions and adjustments. 

To Wrap It

Packing for your move is a complex and time-consuming process and preparing a proper packing timeline on the real ground makes the process easy. Often, we keep procrastinating, and then, within a short period, packing becomes nothing less than a mess, but when you prepare a packing timeline as we have explained above, you tend to achieve daily targets and the chances of happening full mess decrease. This is how your personalized packing calendar works and benefits you. 

Apart from this, if you don’t have time to do this or don’t want to indulge yourself in packing or moving, there are different packing services provided by professional moving companies like Cheap Interstate Removalists in Australia. So, if you need help, do contact our expert movers and packers. They have great experience in moving and packing small to bulky items quickly with complete care.

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